Updating / modifying collision nodes

I think this may be obvious, however, after searching through the manual and performing a number of Google searches I still haven’t found the answer…

My question is this:

Is it possible to modify or change direction, size, etc of a collision solid that already exists in the game world? For example, I would like to incorporate an enemy, whose line of sight sweeps back and forth in a 3d world. I am using a CollisionRay to determine if he can see the player and/or if the player is hidden by another wall/obstacle in the world. I would like to alter the direction of this collisionRay.

Is this possible? It seems like it would be useful, and I am sure there is something simple I am overlooking here. I am just unsure how to retrieve these solids once they are added to the collision traverser/scene (it’s my understanding that the collision nodes aren’t required to have unique names, so I am guessing you can’t retrieve via name id)

Collision nodes are nodes like anything else in the scene graph, and all of the normal scene graph operations modify them just like anything else. This includes setPos(), setScale(), setHpr(), and the whole scene graph inheritance system. So, yes, you can change their properties and their size and everything about them.

Collision nodes aren’t required to have unique names by Panda, but if you want to find them in the scene and modify them, it would be a good idea for you to give them unique names for this purpose.