Updated MayaPandaUI Interface - Egg & Bam Exporter for Maya

I honestly love this a lot. Been using it for a while now. I do have a question however. I’m trying to add a collision tag to of course, a collision. The output in the EGG syntax comes out as { barrier} which doesn’t work. If I change it to { Polyset descend}, then it will work. I also have issues with the DCS tag where it messes up the literal position of the object when I try to append a model to it’s locator. It’ll be in some sort of upside down position.

Is there a way to import .egg animation using this plugin?

Doesnt work for me either :frowning:

I’m not sure what this is called but with this exporter, is there a way you can export your actor without combining all of your geometry into one geomNode?