Update to date networking information

Hello there,

Could anyone shed some light on what the state of networking/multiplayer support there is in Panda3D? The manual says to refer to the forums, and what I have found is generally the following:

  • There is a low level networking protocol
  • The DistributedObject (i.e. high level) networking API is not well documented/supported, principally because it is Disney-owned and there isn’t a working server/support for this which can be easily incorporated into games

Is this the case, or could someone point me in the direciton of some up-to-date guidance?

Thank you

I hope that what networking feature panda3d does have is enough to allow me to play with another computer. Im making a game where another computer can join me on the journey. I guess that would require me to setup a server of some sort.

Both points are generally true.

It is my hope that eventually we can get the DistributedObject system better supported and better documented. In fact, there is a server for this system; it is written in python and it is called ServerRepository. It hasn’t been maintained in a while, though, so I’m not sure whether it actually works; and it isn’t well documented.