Understanding of Panda3d packages

I am a beginner Panda3D user. This is a list of Panda3D modules for Python? panda3d.org/reference/1.8.1 … spaces.php

For example:

But in the manual is:
from direct.actor.Actor import Actor
instead of
from actor.Actor import Actor

An another “namespace” is:

But for this in the manual example is:
from panda3d.core import Point3
Without “direct” this time.

What is “direct”?

Hi, welcome to the forums!

The generated API documentation for 1.8.1 is not correct. I suggest looking at the documentation for the latest version instead, I think it’s a bit clearer:
panda3d.org/reference/devel … /annotated

I’ll explain why there are two package trees, “panda3d” and “direct”. “panda3d” contains the core of the engine (panda3d.core) and all modules that have been implemented in C++. The “direct” tree is a Python package tree containing higher-level classes that were implemented in Python, such as Actor, which lives in the module direct.actor.Actor.

Thanks, it looks like the reference for the devel version is more completely too.