Undefined variable:render and unresolved imports

Im getting undefined variable:render and unresolved imports on most of my panda imports. This never used to be an issue, i used to only run into this issue when using a different computer. The code still runs fine tho, i read it was because the libs are compiled on runtime? any way to fix this? perhaps my pytyhonpath is just set up wrong? (this happens in both aptana and eclipse with the pydev plugin)

Edit: i read around a bit more and found that those errors are because the libs are compiled at runtime, but shouldnt that mean that after running the code once all those errors should be resolved? because thats not the case for me

I don’t understand what error messages you’re referring to. Perhaps you can paste the exact error messages?


Its saying unresolved import on all my panda imports and undefined variable:render

Right, you said that, and to me that sounds like it’s probably a Python syntax error; but then you also said the code still runs, and that doesn’t make sense.

So, what is the precise error message you are seeing? Cut-and-pasted from the output window, for instance?


maybe this will help

i get no errors in the output panel. thats just some code i put together to relearn panda as its been a while since ive used it last :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s just your IDE’s autocompletion not recognising the Panda wrappers correctly.