Unable to load x file from blender (newbie)

Surely im doing some stupid thing wrong, this is why Im asking here, I started a couple of days with panda 3D , is nice, did the examples and played with the example games

My problem is im unable to load a x file, Ive tried to export the cube example that starts with blender when you run blender, I export and get the x file, but I get an error in pview and also when I try to load it in my code, it seems like sintax problems

Im using last version of blender and panda

Someone knows what could it be ?

the x-loader is broken in the 1.5.0 version. has to do with case-sensitiveness. it’s known and beeing worked on (if not fixed already).
if you work with blender i’d recommend using the “chicken” exporter.
chicken exports egg files which are panda’s native and version compatible format

if you still want to use x files you either have to wait until 1.5.1 is out or you use 1.4.2 to convert your x models to egg using the x2egg tool.
in any case. i strongly recommend chicken :slight_smile:

I will do so, thanks a lot (this is what I call quickness), didnt know about the problem with 1.5, Im using chicken export sucefully :slight_smile:

I was going to ask just that: if anyone knew what happened to pview in 1.5 as it won’t take any .X I throw at it (and having gone back to 1.4.2, it seemed to work).

The question now is: what is the minimum amount of dll’s/dependencies that I’ll need to copy over from 1.4.2 together with pview so that the latter will work well?

Incidently and more generally, is there a list of panda system dll’s that you’ll need to ship with a panda3d game so that it will work on its own?

Many thanks!

Most of the DLLs in the bin directory are needed. Some of those are related to fmod, and those can be stripped, but other than that… not much.

If you’re trying to ship a very tiny distributable, Panda3D isn’t going to help that much. It just wasn’t made for that - it was made for full-fledged commercial games.

I’ve managed to follow this forum post about using py2exe and upx to minify panda. It won’t be super small but at the baseline you might get it down to around 10 megs. I’ll write up a manual page on how to do this right now.

You might also be able to use UPX by itself by running the DLL’s in panda/bin through UPX to compress these files down so that when PackPanda is run it will include these compressed DLL’s in the installer file. Take care to backup your /bin before compressing though. There is a certain DLL in panda which does not like to be compressed, you can find it in the post that I linked earlier.