"Unable to auto-locate config files in directory named by "<auto>etc">" OS X

Hi, just trying to test if Panda3D can work on OS X. Everything is fine but when i try to run the executable i get this error…

Warning: unable to auto-locate config files in directory named by “etc”.
Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
No graphics pipe is available!
Your Config.prc file must name at least one valid panda display
library via load-display or aux-display.
Program ended with exit code: 9

I have set the path manually in my .zshrc file like so…

export PATH=“/Users/r/Documents/C++/Panda3D/etc:$PATH”
export PANDA_PRC_DIR=“/Users/r/Documents/C++/Panda3D/etc”
export PRC_DIR=“/Users/r/Documents/C++/Panda3D/etc”

But it still can’t find the configuration files!

All help is really appreciated, thank you.

I guess you just need to put the etc folder with the contents in the root of your application. This method works in Windows.

That worked on OS X too, thank you!