Ubuntu xorg corrupted after Panda3d installation

Hello All,

Recently I upgraded by ubuntu to 12.04.4. And after installing Panda3d SDK the xorg was corruputed and ubuntu would boot into a black screen.

I did a work around, booted ubuntu in safe mode and installed xorg. It works now.

But, will there be a build for 12.04.4 soon ? Please let me know if anyone has encountered major issues with Panda3D and Ubuntu 12.04.4 .


Hello thimmsoft,

I didn’t have the time to roll out a build for 12.04.4 yet, but I will do it next week or maybe this weekend. Do you need 64bit or 32bit?

drive.google.com/file/d/0B5KBmy … sp=sharing

Here you can get the build for the latest hardware enablement stack :slight_smile: have fun!

Thanks a Million !!!