Ubuntu Shutsdown When Running makepanda --everything


I have built a lot of apps on Linux but this has never happened before. I am following the instructions on ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45667&page=2

Everything goes great, I even added my build lib folder to ld.so.conf to get rid of that warning message and added the libs to LD_BUILD_PATH as well. I run makepanda --everything and as the build progresses I see my console flash a message about shutting down and then Ubuntu shuts down and a .deb file is never created. I am pretty confused and if its something I am doing wrong I am going to have a pretty good laugh about it.

Stuff I added to .bashrc:

My system:
Ubuntu 8.04 / Python 2.5


we build on ubuntu all the time - never had this happen either? Could it be the CPU over heat? Panda3d build takes a long time.

Note that you should not actually set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The message makepanda shows is very misleading. It will internally handle the library paths for you correctly.

I compiled with it set / not set and it had the same problem, as for the CPU overheating I am installing off a laptop, so its a possibility. I can hear my fans working overtime, but since its a Dell laptop, I just got used to it :slight_smile:

I fixed the overheating problem, and it all works fine, thanks.