TuxWing thanks you

I just want to show appreciation to those helping me on here and in irc. @serega-kkz @Thaumaturge @rdb #anyone i missed.

I now have a better understanding of panda and Ive been able to successfully work in an asset pipeline to build lego models, apply collision shapes, clean them up, import them into panda and have them collide with custom maneuvers (based on intervals instead of motion paths.)!!


I think this is important work you guys are doing with the community because with the absence of dedicated teaching courses and sometimes opaque descriptions in the manual, you guys are keeping newcomers hopeful and feeling like they arent alone!


For my part, it’s my pleasure! :slight_smile:

I’m very glad to have helped, and very glad that you seem to be making progress in learning the use of Panda! :slight_smile: