Are there any beginning Panda3D tutorials besides the hello world? I want to learn Panda3D but I can’t find any anywhere!

http://www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/User_Contributed_Tutorials_and_Examples is a good place to look. You could also search the forums.

EDIT: I’m also curious as to what you find wrong with the standard Panda Hello World tutorial - could you explain your need for another tutorial please?

It just seems to jump right in to stuff I have no idea about. I get the loading of the models, but it’s confusing. It did help though, I just need to learn more than a panda walking in the grass.

mygamefast.com (shameless plug, my bad)


This is, more or less, the definition of “tutorial”. :wink: If you need a “softer” (more descriptive) approach, you’re looking for a manual/guide/book. The good news is that Panda has a very good manual, if you read it then the tutorial will be crystal clear.

Also there are two books on Panda released by Packt Publishing.

And there are sample programs, that are very well commented. The sample programs should lie in your download directory.

Thanks! I bought the book by PackT and it works fine. :slight_smile:

Great examples, but when do we get a peek at Volume 2? :smiley:

It has been asked by quite a few people now! Honestly - it is still on my “to do list” I just simply have not had the spare time. There are 2 Issues remaining to finish off Volume 1. I have a skeleton of a Volume 2 game … but just have not had time to write the issues themselves.

Sorry! I realise the site is way overdue some updates. My bad.