Tutorial on publishing/exporting game to web or mobile


I am interested in porting my game out for play on web and/or mobile.

Is this possible with the latest version of Panda3d? The Panda3D manual has a section on it, but shows a message saying that the feature is deprecated.

If so, where can I find a tutorial/manual for publishing on web and mobile?

Thank you!

About the Web:

Result: http://rdb.name/panda3d-webgl/editor.html

About Mobile:

Hi thanks for the resource! Btw, is there a tutorial on how I might able to compile this for myself?
Also, does the “deprecated” method to port to web work?

Especially @rdb

Hmm there is no link, used to be.

Not really a straightforward one; the resources you will need are in the thread. However, I have not updated them for Python 3.8. I may revisit this sometime in the future.

No—you would need to use Panda3D 1.9, but even then, many browsers have stopped supporting NPAPI browser plug-ins, so I don’t recommend going down this route.

Hi I was checking out your web-gl port

I noticed that the compilation is through a cxx file, but my game is currently in python.
Is there a way to convert the python game to a CXX file to be converted for a web-gl port, or am I missing something?

Thank you!

The way I’m doing it in the demos is by using a modified version of pfreeze to convert the Python code to C++ (it’s actually generating a .cxx file that contains the Python bytecode in arrays and then loads them into the Python interpreter). Then that .cxx file is compiled using emscripten.

Oh ok thanks I’ll try that!