turn based

i can’t find any turn-based script for a game making. this is need for a project and if this is settled, the rest should be able to continue

well i guess thats something you would have to write yourself. i’m not aware of any pre-made scripts for this. but if you know some basic python and panda it shouldnt be difficult.
maybe as a start. you can write a function which calls everything you want to have done in one round. then you could put this function into a task which is executed every… dunno 15 seconds or so. if you need help with actual coding feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Here’s what I do:

In my game, each player controls a ball.
I save the current player in a variable, for example self.turn. Players are counted from 0 to playerCount-1.
I make self.ball contain an array of balls, like this:

self.playerCount=3 #for example 3 players
self.turn=0 #player 0 starts
for i in range(self.playerCount):

And whenever a player moves, I control the appropriate ball in the list:

def moveForward(self):
  self.ball[self.turn].setY(self.ball[self.turn],5) #move the current player's ball 5 units forward

If the turn is ended, I simply increase self.turn:

def nextTurn(self):
  self.turn+=1 #next player
  #now, check whether its not too big, if it is, make it zero

Having played many turn based games what you guys are talking about does not makes since. In turn based games units/stuff normally have points/states such as moved, attacked. And move over fixed tiles/regions. Some turn based games allow you to move one token (chess) or many (Civilization) The only turning feature is that there is an “END TURN” button or state.

“turn-based script for a game making.” There is no script that will make you a game - any kind of game.