Trying To Understand the Overall Development Process...

Sorry for the newbie/rookie question, but I have to understand this…
In all the articles and reviews I have read so far, the following has emerged as a possible development process:

Python as scripting language to interface with Panda3D, the actual game engine.

All models (static objects) and actors (dynamic objects) that make up the visual environment are drawn up in another tool (for example, Blender 3D) and imported to Panda3D as “eggs”.

Am I correct in my assumptions?

So to build an actual 3D world… I need to be proficient in Python, Panda3D, and another 3D graphics package like Blender?

that’s correct.
learning python and panda goes hand in hand. i recommend to get the python basics first, and then dive into panda. depending on your prior programming experience this can take as little as a few hours up to a few weeks.
learning how to use a 3d-editor can be a time-consuming job, and unless you only model cars and buildings it requires a significant ammount of artistic still. usualy you’d team up with some artist sooner or later (to replace programmers art)


I am trying to find a good book on Python. Are the differences in versions MAJOR differences? If I use a book on version 2.4, will it pretty much be relevent with 2.6?


The defferance between the Pythion versions are quite minor. You should have no problem using a 2.4 book for 2.6.