Trying everything to get this model converted

Im trying my best to get this model converted properly into panda3d, but everything ive tried failed.
The model is found here

Things i have tried:
Blend2Bam: The model gets warped
Export to gltf with blender: I cant get the animations to export
Export to .egg with blender(YABEE): This almost works, but the model is slightly warped around the shoulder areas when animated

The model is fairly simple so it shouldnt be impossible to convert it (I think).
If anyone manages to convert it properly to P3D please tell me how u did! :blush:

Hmm… I take it that you mean the “spikes” that appear when the object is exported and animated, as shown below?

If so, it looks to me like certain vertices are ending up not assigned to any armature-bone.

Quite how this is happening I’m not sure: looking at the model, its bone-influence is handled in a manner that I’m not familiar with.

As far as I’ve found it looks like all vertices are accounted for.

Hum. Perhaps, instead, those vertices are assigned to something that they shouldn’t be…?

I’m not sure, I’m afraid!

Yes indeed I get the exact same “spikes” like you.

Maybe I should just give up on this model, unfortunately alot of the free model you find online have some “weirdness” to them :exploding_head:

Anyways, thanks for looking into this issue

Perhaps, but if you have the time to spare it might be worth waiting a while and seeing whether another forum-member has some idea of how to deal with this.

In all fairness, I doubt that many of them were made with Panda’s exporters in mind.