I have been very interested in Panda3d, after alot of testing around me and a freind decided we would like to use it. Unfortunately we are having problems getting our models in the right format. We use truespace 3.2 and have been trying to get the x2egg to work (it says it can’t find the file). If anybody could help us or direct us to help that would be great.

Hmm, if it can’t find the file, are you sure the file is there?

Have you used command-line tools like x2egg before? Normally, you need to change to the same directory that the you saved the file to before you run the command.


wow this is getting annoying. I read some where you can import .x directly into panda3d without converting it…but that didn’t work either. Im wondering if its a problem with the truespace(3.2) .x exporter. If I told you guys there error im getting would that help? thanks

Yes, telling us the error message would be a big help.