Trouble making my own classes

Hello guys,
i’ll cut to the chase - i am trying to make my own classes that use Panda3Ds classes to create and open a window and load the environment in it

for starters. But i got to a nasty problem which i am trying to solve for days…
Here’s the screen of this problem:

The problem comes from this piece of code:

PandaLib:: PandaWindow Win;
Win.InitWindow( framework, argc, argv );

In the .cpp file i have this code for the functions in the class:

namespace PandaLib
	void PandaWindow:: InitWindow( PandaFramework frame, int argc, char *argv[]  )
		frame.open_framework( argc, argv );

	void PandaWindow:: WindowName( PandaFramework framework, char *winName = "MyWindow" )
		framework.set_window_title( winName );

	void PandaWindow:: OpenWindow( PandaFramework framework, WindowFramework *window )
		window = framework.open_window();

And this is the code in my .h file:

class PandaWindow
		void InitWindow( PandaFramework, int argc, char *argv[] );
		void WindowName( PandaFramework, char * );
		void OpenWindow( PandaFramework, WindowFramework * );

I looked around the reference documents for the C++ part of Panda3D but i found nothing.
If i missed something to show, tell me.

Best regards, BM.

Sorry i forgot the most important thing to add… Here’s the main:

int main( int argc, char *argv[] ) {
	// Load the window and set its title.
   PandaFramework framework;
	PandaLib:: PandaWindow Win;

	Win.InitWindow( framework, argc, argv );
	Win.WindowName( framework, "My Panda3D Window" );
	WindowFramework *window;
	Win.OpenWindow( framework, window ); 



When you pass “PandaFramework framework” to your methods, you’re making a copy of the object every time. Therefore, when you call “open_framework” or “open_window” in your function, you’re really only calling it on the new PandaFramework object that only last for the lifetime of that method.
Instead, consider passing the object by reference, like “PandaFramework &framework”.

Thank you again rdb. It was a silly mistake, i’ll make shure i won’t do it again.

Have a nice day,