Trouble finding the latest Visual Studio

Hello, with the changes moving from 2010 onward I cannot seem to find the MSVC 15 Compiler with the console. I’ve been looking minimally for a few days but it won’t popup. Does anyone have a link they’d be willing to share? Thanks!

Are you trying to compile Panda3D with makepanda? What is the exact command-line output you are getting? Which version of Visual Studio do you have installed?

Hello RDB, thanks for the reply.

I am trying to compile it from the latest source on Github using makepanda. I see in the readme it requires Visual Studio 15. I found a few download links to the Visual Studio but none of them came with a command prompt to build it with. I was wondering if maybe you or anyone had a possible link to it.

If you install Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition from the website you can choose during the installation to install the necessary command-line tools necessary to build Panda3D. Including the VC 2015 compilers, the Windows 10 SDK and the Windows XP support.

I’ll try it out, thanks so much.