Trouble compiling on Arch Linux 64

My system is Arch Linux 64 and I ran in the problem with reassign that is discussed here: [url]reassign was not declared in this scope - ArchLinux 64bit]
I fixed that in the same way that the original poster did. After that, however, compilation still crashes. Here is the outut:
I am not sure what the problem is here and what to do.
Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated!


You are right, ffmpeg is the problem. I managed to compile with
–no-ffmpeg. Would that prevent me from playing sounds? My understanding is that in the absence of ffmpeg openal will be used for sound playback?


EDIT : Woooops, sorry, didn’t check the date, it’s already quite an old topic ^^;

I’m also running Arch 64, and I think that for now we’re juste out of luck as far as sound is concerned.

If you look at this thread :

[url]Playing music with AudioManager], you’ll see rdb says that ffmpeg is needed to decode sound files with OpenAL.

So with --no-ffmpeg and --no-fmodex both required to compile panda3D… No sound.

I’m actually quite bummed out by this :\

Hey, I’ve made an AUR package that should facilitate the building of p3d with both bullet and sound working.

Please test it and tell me if there are any problems.

Edit: Thanks to Grungi for the sound fix!