Tried following the installation manual, got an error

Whilst following the installation manual (Here: Installing Panda3D in Windows — Panda3D Manual)
I got this error after inputting the “python” command:
File “C:\Panda3D-1.10.14-x64\samples\asteroids\”, line 16, in
from direct.showbase.ShowBase import ShowBase
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘direct’

This is a consequence of the fact that you already have python in the system, who doesn’t know anything about Panda3D. I’m also on Windows, and I’ve brought out a hassle-free way to run Panda3D.

C:\Panda3D-1.10.14-x64\python\python.exe C:\Panda3D-1.10.14-x64\samples\asteroids\

Assuming that you plan on writing Python programs, these days the recommended way to install Panda3D is to simply pip install panda3d.