Triangle mesh collision

Hi, I am trying to create a 3D scan, I read the best way to do this is using several boxes and use the collision system to detect if they are in contact with the geometry of a given model.

I tried this with panda 3d, but I am facing some problems.

My first approach was using the default collision system, but I found that collision boxes won’t collide with the geom. So I tried using Bullet system, but I it seems a bit bugged, I am using the panda model of the hello world example for my tests.

The problem is that i detects collision on boxes that are absolutely empty! I removed the scales, but the problem persists.

Here is how I set up the triangle mesh:

		geomNodes = model.findAllMatches('**/+GeomNode')
		geomNode = geomNodes.getPath(0).node()
		geom = geomNode.getGeom(0)
		mesh = BulletTriangleMesh()
		mesh.addGeom(geom, True)
		self.meshNode = BulletRigidBodyNode('Mesh')
		meshShape = BulletTriangleMeshShape(mesh, dynamic = False)
		self.meshNodePath = base.render.attachNewNode(self.meshNode)

Anything obsously wrong with this approach?