Traveling to another area (opening files from a file)

So, me and a few friends are attempting to create a “new” Toontown. The problem is, we don’t understand how to make the tunnels useable. In the original, you could walk up to a tunnel, and then it would take you from that certain area to another. I understand that all of the areas are not all in one code or file. How might we be able to allow the player travel to another area? We have a few playgrounds (an area in the game) already created, but we have to connect them. If there is a certain name or code for this, please give us the info. Thank you.

The short version – there is no magic function in panda3d (that I know of) that does this, you have to code it yourself.

Long version – There are two sides to this. Client side and server side. The server is coded so that when a player enters a tunnel (or when the server gets a message from a client to use a portal), the server will then move the player to the new zone. In MMOS these are usually seperate “servers” with a meta server that takes care of the handshaking. There are some decent devlogs from CCP for Eve online that goes into detail. The server also then tells the client that it is moving to a new zone and where. This message will probably be in the dc file.

When the client gets a moving zone message it will have to unload all the existing assets and load the new zone.

And like I said it will be up to you to code both sides.

MY easy way is still hard. I just put streets in random position, then make collisions in the tunnel to set the avatars position to the street’s position. But if you wanna so it any other way you’d need source codes.