Transparent windows

Hi guys, I know time has passed, but because I found this topic I won’t recreate a new thread. I stumbled on the same problem. I also want to make like a desktop pet with Panda Engine, it seems to be a perfect for that, but usual suspects won’t work, ChatGPT couldn’t help, did anyone managed to achieve this window transparency somehow? I am slightly reluctant to try out the above attempts because I think Panda engine received few updates since, so… anybody know how to create a functional transparent window?

In theory, you can do this with Wxpython, but this method involves hacking through ctypes.

Hmm, I wonder if this trick can be done for the Panda3D window descriptor…

However, this is hardly a cross-platform solution, similar modules for Unix systems are needed.

I have a patch for it -
You need to build panda with xrender option.
This is how it looks like:
The blur is just my compositor effect, so you wouldn’t have it in panda.

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