Transparency problem

I have an space worm model, which is supposed to have a transparent helmet, so I tried to use a transparency map in the hypershade, but, when I egg it, the helmet is blue! so I’m guessing I’ll need to have the helmet in a different egg so I can use “set transparency” in python, but I’m thinking that maybe that’s not the only solution, can someone please tell me another way to make the transparency work?

You don’t need to write code to apply transparency (but you can). You can set it in your modelling package.
Whatever you use you can end up with 2 kinds of transparency:

(from Panda3d)
Tell me if you use Blender
Semitransparency also works, but few semitransparent objects in front of each other already look wrong

if you have things like glass, or in general terms, materials which have consistently the same transparency. you might prefer to use vertex-based those situations they usualy work a bit better.

First, thank you very much for the response.
About your response, can you please tell me how does the vertex-based transparency works? T’m doing my models in Maya btw.

it worked for me as far as getting transparency results

also download this psd document i made and use this to try it out

oh i forgot to mention, when you open my psd with the leaf branch texture i made, merge the layers pressing “ctrl+e” before you start and make it one layer