transparency issues

When I put a semi transparent node in the back ground and a node with an alpha channel before that, the second node doesnt show the first node, but ony whats behind the first node…

Is there a way to prevent this?

To give a clearer picture:

I have a partialy transparent sea, on top of that I’m rendering a texture movie of an explosion. The parts of the texture movie that is suposed to be transparent only shows the sky dome I’m using, but not the sea…

Any help would be apreciated

the problem is that the sea transparency is drawn in front of as well as behind the explosion transparency, so panda gets confused on which transparency to draw first. So far, the best solution would be to take your sea mesh and break it up into separated groups so that panda knows which part to draw first. This means more polygons in the model, as well as more groups.

If you dont know how to do this inside the model, an extreme version would be to make a smaller sea surface flat and repeat seprated models over the entire sea surface.

Russ’s solution is a good general-purpose solution, though there are also other solutions that may be better in particular situations.

This page in the manual talks in more detail about this problem and several possible solutions.