Yes you can use a specific prc like file for you programs

like this :

#load_up game specific config before loading panda
from pandac.PandaModules import loadPrcFile 

I don’t know for the Icons however…

Do you mean you want to set the properties of the showbase window? if so, all you need to do is get the properties of the window, change them to what you want, and then request the new properties.

winProps = base.win.getProperties() 
#change properties to what you want here

you shouldn’t have to instance any new properties (or import from windowproperties to do so) since you are getting the properties already created in showbase.

Thank you for your work.
Is this icon a “normal” icon like that you normaly use for apps?


Thanks again.
It also works if your write:

icon-filename resources/icons/<your name>.ico

if your icon is located in

<your gamefolder, where the main script is>/resources/icons/<your name>.ico


Hmm im brand new to panda and dont no how to make panda windows instead of using command prompt. so i made a .bat file and typed example:
ppython myscript.py
then saved it. I then just made a shortcut to it and changed the icon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Try putting this code on top of your main file, and adjust the MyTitle, icon.ico and 1024 768 :slight_smile:

from pandac.PandaModules import * 
# need to be before the Direct Start Import 
loadPrcFileData("", "window-title MyTitle")
loadPrcFileData("", "icon-filename icon.ico")
loadPrcFileData("", "win-size 1024 768") 
import direct.directbase.DirectStart