Topic edited: About a spammer

Who is that.

If you are person: Pleas stop posting these things.
If not. Can somebody delete his postings an threads

Thanks Martin

I do agree this rat is not a funny joker

I think its time now to get some additional forumadmins or moderators.
Some people like The_Sandman, drwr, bigfoot29, …
I hate this stuff like the postings of rat46, advertisments, …
Josh what do you think about it?

Yes, those spambots are really annoying now… :-/

Well, drwr is still on holidays… I am not sure who is watching the forums right now (except Josh) and playing police.

I am not suggesting me - I may see some posts a bit too harmfull that might be meant in a different way g,but as seen its highly suggested to have a few more mods available…

There are plenty ppl that do a great job. May be Josh can talk to some and stop spamming/senseless postings right when they start and not after 100 ppl read them…

Regards, Bigfoot29

I have to admit, I would like some help getting rid of all these junk posts.

However, it’s 3 AM right now where I am - I don’t feel like trying to figure out how to create an admin for phpbb right now. I’ll take care of it when I get back to the office monday.

  • Josh

I’ve asked a friend:
go to admincp
“User” --> privilegs or rights …
tipe nickname
there is a dropdown menu where you can choose the userstate


If you do assign mods, please also try to establish some moderation rules - while we all want to get rid of “Cialis” and “RxPills” stuff (I suppose :-)), it’s a little harder to properly handle “newbish” and somewhat naive postings.

Maybe a “moderation” forum could also help, where mods can find a common way of how to mod.

I don’t think its necessary to create a moderationfroum. The only important thing is to get rid of advertisments in this forum.
We can open a other thread where we can discuss what the mods should do and what not. Rename threads, …

Well, but moderation issues shouldn’t be discussed in public, either. I agree that one thread might well suffice, but IMHO this one thread should be in a private place.

There’s also the anonymous vs. personalised modding issue - maybe it’d be wise for mods not to be known as such in the community, maybe yes.

Sure, all this isn’t much of a problem yet, since the community is small and discussions are mostly nice and concise. The biggest problem at the moment is the ads. But there’s also been some of the not-so-welcome beginners’ kind of postings around (“Explain me everything - now!”), with which David dealt with “angelic” patience (a somewhat literal translation from German, I guess you get what I mean :-)).

That’s what I understand as “moderation style”, because most people do not have this kind of patience from birth. And yet, for a community that strives to attract beginners, it is important. And if moderators are publicly known as such, well, then they must represent this very spirit of helpfulness and diplomacy. Anonymous modding, on the other hand, has the disadvantage of intransparency, which is bad in itself. Public mods might feel “better than the rest”, which is bad, anonymous mods might feel like “the power behind the scenes”.

All this social stuff is really really complicated, and it gets worse with the time if a community grows - I’ve seen it happen myself. I don’t want to “paint in black” here, it is manageable. I’d just like to make sure our mods have some guideline to follow, and a place to talk in peace if need be.

Anyway, this has gotten way too philosophical… begging everyone’s pardon! :slight_smile:

I think that for now, deleting ads is enough. I don’t think we should overdo it.

Manakel - would you be willing to do the job? I know it’s a pain, but I could use a hand. (I suggest Manakel because he’s an old-timer, by our standards).

Well, I guess we have no problems with your decission… You don’t need to defend it. :wink: The question is: will he accept? :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Modding is philosophy. :wink:

No, seriously, you’re quite right in fact. What really bothers is the ads - at least by the moment. :wink: And I’m sure Manakel has basically everyone’s trust, so his be the power - and the work. :slight_smile:

Manakel where are you
Please accept!


He’s run away. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, the main thing I was looking for was somebody who would be here a lot. Manakel seems not to be here as often as I thought. :slight_smile: Marc - you’ve only been here a little while, how long do you think you’re gonna stick around? If you plan to be here a while, I’d be happy to turn it over to you.

Well, I guess since the localized panda project started, he will be here more often. However, its good to have MORE than one Moderator that doesn’t need to be Administrator. Since I (think that I) am a bit more involved into the german panda3d-portal than the “normal user”, I will also be here from time to time in a more regular manner…

Not to forget that I need to stay up to date what is the translation concerned…

However, russ or The_Sandmann would also be good suggestions… along with IPKnightly that shows a good attitude :slight_smile:

But that are only my 2 cents :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

I went ahead and made Marc and Bigfoot29 administrators. Please only use the power to delete ads and spam-bot posts.

Thanks for your trust… I will use it wisely… Martin told me it… didn’t expect that to happen soon g

Regards, Bigfoot29

Oh my, this went totally wrong… :wink:

J/k, thanks for the trust, I hereby promise I won’t betray it. :slight_smile: Not that it was my life’s goal to be the one “taking out the trash”, but I’ll do my best in that anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll also try to be of high continuity, even though my boss does not currently share my Panda-related research interests (therefore my slow progress in terms of doing real work with Panda)… My private interest still is high, though, so I’ll stick around, once in a while trying out things and asking questions as everyone in here. You have been warned. :slight_smile: