To the Moon from Outer Space (pyWeek)

This is me at pyWeek. Yay!

In his game You get to pilot a futuristic spaceship in an asteroid filed between the Moon and Earth.
If you’re asking why is there a asteroid field between the Moon and Earth… well, it’s complicated
and it’s the future after all – a lot of things could happen.

Your goal is to make it across the asteroid field as fast as you can without running out of fuel.
A set of ‘gates’ and some ‘green flying things’ will mark the way.
Move your mouse to rotate the camera and the mouse-wheel to zoom in and out.
The left mouse button is there to fire up the engines and the right mouse button for reverse thrust.
Use W-S-A-D keys to rotate your spaceship, but keep in mind that the direction you actually movie will only change when the engines are on!
In the top left corner of the screen you will see a timer, the faster you can get to the other side of the field the better (try to beat 3 minutes!)
In the lower left corner there’s the fuel gauge (a set of lines), when all the lines are faded you will run out of fuel and most likely crash.
Next to it you will find a display showing your current speed.

Refer to the config.txt file for all the configuration options.

You will probably need a ‘modern’ computer to run this,
I didn’t make all the needed optimalisations duo to lack of time and a change of concept around day #3.

Direct link to the ziped p3d file:

Congrats, really nice for a weeks work :smiley:

Oh yeah - Got 2:37 - Difficulty 15

A few comments

  1. Its REALLY difficult to first get a hang of. Although that might be just me trying to get a clean run and just restarting when I got stuck and lost lots of time.

  2. I can’t easily plan ahead due to the asteroids blocking view. A mini map would help with that, as well as making asteroids cull / transparent when obscuring the cam.

  3. How do I restart without quitting? Would be nice to just hit R to go back to the start :slight_smile:

  4. The graphics are pretty nice, and it runs well on my fairly old rig :smiley:

Would you do pyweek again? If you did it again, what would you do differently?

But yeah - well done :slight_smile:

Good time, didn’t make it that fast myself.
All what you say is true, there are a lot of things that could be improved and a lot of things I didn’t have time to do. Hardware instancing of the asteroids would be one thing, a good collision mesh another, crashing when hiting asteroids, a refueling station, a map, a different route option, anti cheat (if you go back a bit you can fly over the asteroids), hi-res skybox, and so on…

I’ll go for the next PyWeek, it was fun. I’d try not to change the concept at day 3, do all the coding in 6 days and test it for one more day, I didn’t even run pstats on this one and I don’t even know what to change to make it faster.

Some people on pyWeek say they cant run it on some Linux machines. It’s either a black window and no reaction or a window pops up just to close back again.

Anyone here on a linux machine could give it a go?
Anyone has any idea why it fails to run?

Could it simply be that they don’t have proper graphics drivers installed?

For me the dpad, xbox button, and triggers weren’t working. I imagine this is due to changes in SDL and/or pygame. I’m working with with pygame 1.9.1 and SDL 1.2.15.