TK panel tutorial? :/ (and also....)


I recently check the particle panel sample to create a particle effect, and i saw the TK panel.

Is there’s any tutorial how to handle the TK panel nd then do something with those?

will be awesome to make a kind of “sample” of my idea :slight_smile:

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(my also start now:

ARRGH! :imp: i’m stuck on a wall again on the music box script! :angry:

well, if someone want to help be, i’ll paste the code
my identation was checked and Pywing tell me that there’s no identation error, but “Self” is not defined again!!! :angry:

what’s going on!?, is it my IDE who’s making no sence! :confused: :confused: :confused:)

very (VERY!!) thanks for any help!

greetings, penga

I believe tk has been depreciated in favor of wx

may be you can download demomaster to check out the wxpython demos.

ok good, but where are those? :confused:

Do a search.