Title screens, etc.

Just want to see if I’m designing this the right way.

I want to set up a Title screen for the game with a splash image and a few buttons . One button will start the actual 3d game, the others will take you to other 2d screens to set options, etc.

My thought is that the title screen would be a 2d screen, actually a DirectGUI frame with all the pieces on it (image, buttons). If a user clicks “Play” I would then run code to init the 3d game and hide 2d frame? (or would I just destroy it?)

Likewise, the other screens for options would be fullscreen frames that I hide/destroy when called.

Haven’t coded it yet, but ss this the right approach?

Yep, that sounds like a good approach - I use it myself, too.
Whether you want to destroy or hide doesn’t really matter - show/hide will be faster but you’ll be using up more memory.

Cool, thx for the reply!

I’ll get started on those screens :slight_smile: