Tips for collisions with floor

New to panda3d, but to cut to chase.
I’ve been learning collisions, everything has been fine especially using the tutorial found here [url]Panda3d Collisions made simple]

my problem is when it comes to the terrain

terrain = loader.loadModel("thing.egg")

floorCollide = terrain.find("**/collisionGroup")

I am using blender and i understand that when you export, it should build this polygon group for you, and that it’s just part of the eggfile that you are finding. but need help on how to export a simple floor model with the collision group included. I tried including physics in blender and exporting with that but no luck.
I’ve been exporting to .x and using x2egg with no issues. Just need to know how to include the collision mask

This line should be in the model file .

Plane {
{ Polyset keep descend }
Plane {

How exporter of use?