tinydisplay missing in 1.8.0

tinydisplay is missing in 1.8.0, windows version.
It was useful for testing stuff related to the GPU or lack thereof. Was it removed intentionally?

It’s still there. It may have been renamed to libp3tinydisplay, though.

The name you set in the prc file is not identical to the library name. In 1.8.0 Panda3d doesn’t recognize it as valid renderer if you comment out the current renderer and uncomment it.

Thanks, a minor oversight. Checked in a fix to CVS, will be corrected in 1.8.1. The correct line should be “load-display p3tinydisplay”.

I wonder why this name should start with “p3” while others don’t. What changed?

Every Panda3D library in 1.8.0 either starts with libpanda (for metalibs) or libp3.

I mean the names in the prc file.

tinydisplay is not a metalib like the others.

I don’t know what a metalib is, but seems like it wasn’t before, or it was named badly before.

It had an inconsistent name before, that’s why it was renamed to follow our conventional naming schemes. That’s all.