Tiling terrain using blendmap

I have a blend map along with a heightmap that I am using to generate terrain in my game, but my terrain looks terrible because its being stretched across the entire terrain instead of being tiled so I was wondering how I could implement this behaviour.

Here is the relevant code:

class TerrainManager(object):
def init(self, app):
(self.world_sizex, self.world_sizey) = (10, 10)
(self.terrain_sizex, self.terrain_sizey) = (256, 256)

    self.terrains = [[None for x in xrange(self.world_sizex)] for y in xrange(self.world_sizey)]

    self.terrainposz = -5
def load_terrain(self, app, (x, y)):
    heightmap_loc = "res/terrain/heightmap_%s_%s.png" % (x, y)
    colormap_loc = "res/terrain/colormap_%s_%s.png" % (x, y)
    if not os.path.isfile(heightmap_loc):
        shutil.copy2("res/terrain/heightmap_default.png", heightmap_loc)

    if not os.path.isfile(colormap_loc):
        shutil.copy2("res/terrain/colormap_default.png", colormap_loc)

    self.terrains[x][y] = GeoMipTerrain("worldTerrain")


    root = self.terrains[x][y].getRoot()
    root.setPos(x * self.terrain_sizex, y * self.terrain_sizey, self.terrainposz)


def unload_terrain(self, app, (x, y)):
    del self.terrains[x][y]
    self.terrains[x][y] = None

, And here is Images to represent current and desired behaviour.