Tiling problem with max export

well i did texture my stuff in max but when i get the .egg export and view it in panda the tiling was f.cked up :unamused: i have no idea how i can handle this
thanx in advance :slight_smile:

Please post (or email me) a screenshot of Max, and a screenshot of pview showing the messed up texture.

My email is etc-panda3d@lists.andrew.cmu.edu

  • Josh

It looks like the texture coordinates are all screwy.

I can see from looking at the code of the MAX exporter, that they only implemented the exporting of the first map channel. Worse yet, I believe there may be a bug in the code to fetch the UVs that might be triggered when there are multiple map channels in the model.

If you’d like, you could send me your MAX file, and I could try to debug the exporter. (etc-panda3d@lists.andrew.cmu.edu).

there are no multiple map channels the problem with the wood desk is couse it is a gif but the rest is all messed up

I don’t know what’s wrong. I won’t be able to debug it unless I see the MAX file.


One thing to check: In Max, there are 2 places where a texture or material can have tiling. I am not sure how the Panda3D exporter handles these separate properties, so it might be worth looking at as a possible source of your problem.

First: In the UVW mapping modifier there is a tiling setting.

Second: In the Material editor, bitmap/map for your material, the first rollout called coordinates has controls to set the tiling of the Bitmap independently of the geometry’s UVW settings.

These two separate settings may be working in concert to mess with your final exported values. Ideally, only set the tiling in one place, either in the material’s properties (which will affect every place the material is applied) or in the UVW mapping modifier.