Third person shooter game for beginner

I am a thirteen year old teen trying to make a third person shooter game and i need any help i can get

Well, I’d suggest a few things–depending of course on how much you know already!

First, I have a “beginner’s tutorial” for developing with Panda–it should take you from first principles all the way through the making of a (very small and simple) game, up to and including building a distributable version.

You should find it here:

Second, I’d suggest starting development with some small games–simple things with which to build up to the making of something more complex.

Third, I’d suggest looking at some of the various resources and tutorials found in the following section of the manual:

And fourth and finally, I’d suggest looking around the “Code Snippets” sub-forum here for elements that might be of use to you!

Good luck, have fun–and of course, feel free to ask here on the forums should you get stuck! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice

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