The Untold Odyssey, a MMORPG I'm working on

So, I’ve been working on a game in all places but Roblox, the loveliest game engine. Recently, due to issues with their engine and moderation, I’ve switched to Panda3D, because 1, I’m familiar with Python more than LUA, and I’ve been working on this game for a month, a month because I’ve been working on extra libraries to glue together, like a server-less database and other stuff. Now I’d say I’m confident enough to present this, I’ve been making the codebase very managed, that is why it has taken so long. So, here I present my very first Panda3D project. Please do note, the game is in a very early alpha at the moment. The best part? It’s fully open source because I’d love to see people dig through the code. Here’s what I’ve got up and running so far:

  • Game states like [Main menu, settings, play-state, loading state and end credits state] and an easy way to switch between them and add new ones.
  • Utility functions to interact with Panda without having to do many things (spawnNewTask spawns a new task using task manager, I think that’s obvious, etc., etc.)
  • A workspace datatype which manages all the 3D and 2D objects and tracks them if you ask it to track it through functions.
  • Accessibility functions like narrator (done using pyttsx3)

Here’s the source code (if you’re curious):

I’ll slowly be adding new things and features to it, currently working on the architecture, will work on gameplay later. I’ll be logging my progress somewhere as well.

Thanks for reading my post!