The runtime: why is it not in recent Ubuntu packages?

I’ve been installing Panda on a new computer, and have that while packages for recent versions of Ubuntu include the SDK, they don’t seem to include the runtime. As far as I can see, the most recent non-“dev” package that provides the runtime is for Ubuntu “precise”. However, hunting around indicates that there do seem to be builds of the runtime for more recent versions of Ubuntu.

I daresay that the version made for “precise” is perfectly fine, but I’m still a little mystified as to why the more recent packages don’t provide these presumably-more-recent builds. Is there a problem with them? Has it just not been done yet? Something else?

We simply haven’t had to make a new release of the runtime since 1.0.4, and we built 1.0.4 for all available Ubuntu versions at the time.

I guess we should probably get around to making a 1.0.5 release of the runtime.

Sorry for the delay in response! ^^;

Fair enough; but even without a new build, could 1.0.4 not be included in the more recent packages?

Otherwise, perhaps it might be worth mentioning on the Ubuntu runtime download page which package is the most recent that contains the runtime, simply in order to save users from hunting through packages looking for it. At the moment I believe that it indicates for the user to use whichever version of Ubuntu they are using.