The problem with panda3d-gltf

Hi, I recently began my attempts in Panda3D, and ran into the problem with panda3d-gltf plugin. I tried view my .gltf file with viewer, that is included in panda3d-gltf files, and it was showing me the same error:
:shader(error): Could not find shader file: C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32\Lib\site-packages\gltf\simplepbr.vert

But simplepbr.vert is in gltf folder! What’s wrong?

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Can you try updating your version of panda3d-gltf using pip? I suspect you may have an outdated version.

Updated it, but shader(error) still appears.

This looks like a bug with finding the shaders on Windows. I will work on a fix.

EDIT: The bug has been filed here. The master branch of panda3d-gltf now uses this panda3d-simplepbr library for shaders in the gltf-viewer.

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Cool! I’ll wait for the fix.

I have released a new version of panda3d-gltf (v0.3) that includes the fix. Please try it out and see if it solves your issue.

New problem: now it can’t find post.vert, only because viewer is trying to find “lib” folder in “Python37-32” folder, but the folder is actually called “Lib” (cases difference).

Can you please see if upgrading panda3d-simplepbr (a dependency of panda3d-gltf) to 0.2.3 (pip install -U panda3d-simplepbr should do it) fixes the issue for you?

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Yep, it fixed everything. Thanks for that!

Although, there is only one question left: my model doesn’t show up in viewer. It has one bone but maybe I need something more?

It could be a problem with the default camera position. It is better suited for the glTF sample files than it is for models coming out of Blender. I have some updates to the camera planned soon to help address this.

All right, but still thanks for fixing the viewer!