The only antialiasing mode works well.

Hi, the antialiasing mode that works fine is only the multisampling, try it !


but first you must set the framebuffer-multisample setting to true :

loadPrcFileData("", "framebuffer-multisample 1")

before importing the DirectStart.

Here is the result :

As you can see the jaggy edges are blurred well, and it’s not expensive, unless your GPU doesn’t support multisampling!

Have fun !!

Depending on your graphics driver, you should also see good results with MLine for line drawings (e.g. with the LineSegs class, or with GeomLinestrips), and MPoint for points (on OpenGL, Antialias.MPoint will make your big square points into big circles). Few graphics drivers do anything useful with MPolygon mode. But it is true that MMultisample is good for the whole scene.

However, MAuto is supposed to be even better for the whole scene, since it enables MPoint mode for points, MLine mode for lines, and MMultisample for polygons. Since MLine mode usually looks better for lines than the more general MMultisample, this usually gives the best possible results–but it does depend on your particular graphics driver.


I’ve been wondering, how far Panda sets the antialias sampling, IF in the graphics driver is set to rely on 3D app ? Is it according to the quality/performance ratio in driver setting ?
Just to notice the difference :


oooh… again no pix :slight_smile:
maybe you should consider changing hosts? :slight_smile: (was you when I remember correct from the last time :slight_smile: )

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Again,… I can see it perfectly, and I believe other people too (in other threads). Maybe it’s your connection or ISP problem ? I don’t know much about web stuff. What is your suggestion ?

I can’t see the pics… I think you still have them in your cache…
try pressing CTRL+F5 (or CTRL+R in Opera)

Just an info : phpnet accounts are not hooked up to the root, it’s to ‘www’ dir. Maybe it’s browser problem ?
You see, I’ve been able to get my images downloaded properly using different browsers on different PCs. So, what is it all about ?


well, then maybe you want to copy the link from your image to the browser URL and seen what happens :slight_smile:

I am getting everything but a image :wink:

Maybe you should consider changing the provider? :slight_smile: there are plenty providers that give you real usefull webspace for peanuts. - an ad hoc example would be 5 Euro/year for 64 MB webspace, a subdomain and 3 GB traffic/month (mysql database included and what not…)
Take a look, there are really plenty of them. Free hosting has (sometimes) some disadvantages :wink:

However, I am not able to load your images using various browsers (IE excluded) from various networks(different data centers, “local” machines, …) :frowning:

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:astonished: that’s expensive…

I have a 2 euro/month webhost, 750MB webspace, 20 GB traffic/month, MYSQL unlimited, subdomains unlimited, and POP3 unlimited… Pity it’s a dutch webhost (link)
that’s what I get when I drag an image onto my location bar…
(same result on FireFox and Konqueror…)

and is a fantastic, fast, easy-to-use free image host without having to sign up first…

Yep, its not free of charge, but we talk about 5 euro/year - not month ^^

however, might be a good solution for images as well…

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wow, thats cheap. :slight_smile:
Sorry, I thought you said 5 euro / month.

thats exactly what I said? :smiley:

Meh, however - its 5 Euro/year ^^

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I think I’ve got it right. I updated the index.html on my account and it seems solve the problem. Keeping it updated (once a month) looks like will keep everything available.
I thought you guys love free stuff. :laughing:

Well, not all free things are GOOD things.
e.g. if someone offers me an free Microsoft XP license key I would laugh at him :stuck_out_tongue:

Same with free hosters… some are good, others aren’t. :slight_smile:

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@jnjh_jo: same problem.

@bigfoot29: you probably mean microsoft Windows xp.

I’ve switched back to my last working account. Looks more reliable.

works now! :smiley:

  1. cant see pics.

  2. when i turn on antialiasing, segfaults here.

Its loading finally…

and of course I meant Win XP ^^

As hoster I meant that you could use P3DProjects - afaik you do have an account there ^^

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  1. are you still using Opera, pro-rsoft ?
    I use Opera too (v8.0), and right-click & reload doesn’t DL the pics (I use cache to save the bandwidth). The only works way is right-click & copy address, Ctrl-N (open new tab), and Ctrl-D (paste & go).

  2. the pre-compiled release works well.

:laughing: :laughing: just moved 'em there.