The number of vertices is different from what blender shows

Hi to all

I downloaded the Character model from mixamo and imported it into blender.
Then export it in blender and convert it to bam file.
When I run debug to look at the model parameters, I can see that the number of vertex is inconsistent.
What is the problem that causes it?
I have a project where I can get the vertex data of the model directly. Then I want to directly modify the vertex of panda3d to make some changes. The number of vertex needs to be the same.

Thank you in advance.


vdata = geom.modifyVertexData() shows 16340 rows.
blender is 14267

The bam file was downloaded at mixamo This file was downloaded at mixamo

the follow is my code

It could depend on your exporter, but when I was writing omUlete, I had to duplicate vertices that were on different polygons with different textures, due to a limitation of the egg format. Could it be that the increase in vertices has something to do with that?

I think so, too. I still don’t know how to view and process vertex details. It’s difficult to deal with. Didn’t find a good way