The nature of


We are currently in the process of extending the makepanda process to cooperate with our internal engine needs (including pre-compiling the source files and stripping down the library of pieces our installed versions don’t need).

To that end, we have a step where we traverse the .py files and compile them all into .pyc files. This step gets hung up on the directory direct/src/extensions/

I looked in the directory, and I’m having a hard time understanding the nature of its contents. The code within doesn’t seem to be syntactically valid python code, since nothing is at the top level of indentation. Attempting to compile the file generates a syntax error on line 2 when encountering ’ “”"’ instead of completely-left-justified “”"

What is the nature of the python code in this directory? Is it something we can skip pre-compiling?

Thank you for your help!

You can completely skip this directory. In an earlier version of Panda (1.0 or so), this code was pasted into the middle of the generated Python wrapper classes by genPyCode.

Nowadays, we don’t use this directory anymore (extensions_native replaces it), since we have a different mechanism for generating Python wrapper classes.