The --memory-init-file is no longer supported (emscripten)

Hello community,
thank you for reading this and assisting me.
I’m trying to deploy my game to the web with emscripten but it looks like the --memory-init-file flag is no longer valid in latest emscripten code.

After checking the repo it appears they don’t keep older releases of the code to download where the flag still worked.

I’ve been brainstorming about how to go about fixing it or work around it but couldn’t think of anything hence I’m turning to you.

What is it that I can do ?

When you use emsdk portable you can select versions with install/activate

./emsdk list
will get you those versions
You also have two special codes : tot and latest

tot is the “tip of tree” version like the one used to prepare GitHub - pygame-web/python-wasm-sdk: Tooling for building CPython+support libs on WebAssembly and build archives/repo/cp312/panda3d-1.11.0-cp312-cp312-wasm32_bi_emscripten.whl at main · pygame-web/archives · GitHub which you can use with pygbag tool eg Panda3D-wasm - Collection by pmp-p -

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Can you file an issue on GitHub?


I meant on the Panda3D project.