The manual sucks!

Dany0 the panda community is growing fast. Maybe more people will improve the manual… Here you have a great forum with lots of people willing to help.

You should try learning and then you can write the manual…

ps. I like the manual :slight_smile: you just have to learn how to look. Do you program?

Dany0, what is your problem… if the manual shows example code, it’s not meant to be copy&pasted, but to show the function being discussed within a code context.
Also, the manual is much like a reference – you look at it when you need something. You can also look at the sample programs in the distribution and study them to learn how Panda3D works.

By the way, I don’t think the manual is that bad, is it? If so, can you maybe make your criticism a bit more constructive by telling us how to improve it?

copy&paste wont help you learning it.
before you start with panda. its best to learn some python basics.
after that you most likely understand better what the manual is talking about.
programming is something completely else than the drag&drop you used until now. same goes for its manuals.
start with the python basics.and then have a second look at the examples and the manual.

btw. i too think the manual is quite good. it wont teach you programming, and it doesnt intend to do so. but it reaches you how to use panda. which requires some programming knowledge. thats all

actually there was part of the manual that is mho missing. its the ORIGINAL hello world tutorial in panda which explains everything or rather how to start in greater detail than the hello world provided. the original (i need the link please provide) tutorial also used object oriented programming instead of the crappy unorganized programming used in the hello world tutorial. I mean it goes from non oop to oop which to some may be confusing like it did me for a while which i dont know why b/c I program in python…grrrr

That’s it! finally, this is what I asked:) :angry:

yeah someone from this forum pointed me too it unfortunately I cannot for the life of me find that tutorial. its sooo awsome! the tut explains how to almost make a FULL working game. The tutorial teaches about OOP programming (it just doesnt jump from not using oop to using oop Ex. self.whatever is the first thing you will learn about) secondly it teaches basic loading textures, models, and animation. thirdly it teaches basic keyboard acceptance basically make the model move around in the world. then it teaches collision detection for the world (basic collision detection and the SIMPLE non complex way of using collisions! Now for someone who doesnt really know what there looking for with collision and then they try to use those “examples” have a hard time following!!! yes I’m talkind to you roaming ralph!!! plus most of the “examples” are slightly outdated and arent the “most efficient” in coding/not enough/unclear commenting! if I find the link or if someone would provide the link that would be great because I’ve been off the panda for a while so I need a refresher also! school has been rough so thats why ive been “off de panda”