The Major Problems with Panda3D

For years there have been countless numbers of exploits that have plagued Panda3D games especially the games that are made in that language. People have made exploits over the years that have put users in danger. Exploits such as injectors that have been used to hack Panda3D made MMOs over the years. Even going as far as to using remote access exploits to make files on peoples computers. People have even went as far as to form hacking teams that have caused a huge problem on these MMOs such as making thousands of accounts which is something that happened back in the Summer of 2013 on one of these MMOs. Disney gave up on trying to patch these exploits. Disney no longer uses Panda3D. They use Unity3D for their MMOs. It just goes to show you that companies are no longer dependant of this game engine. Even though the thousands of remakes of these MMOs have patched exploits there is still more popping up every month. There have been lots of exploits that even steal peoples accounts on these MMOs. If you have plans to make a MMO then do not use Panda3D to do so. There are lots of people who have hacked Panda3D made MMOs for years. Panda3D is not that optimized for being used in MMOs these days. Windows 95, 98, and 2000 were the original operating systems that tolerated Panda3D Made MMOs. As time has progressed many people have started to use more up to date game engines like Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Cry Engine, and other game engines for their console games and MMOs. To conclude Panda3D is not very safe and it isn’t a good option for making MMOs.
So Goodbye Panda3D. Hello Unity3D.

I’m sorry, but none of that made any sense. It’s not entirely clear what you mean by “exploit”, but many of the things you seem to describe have nothing to do with Panda3D but instead with how the games in question were implemented. Don’t blame Panda3D for “exploits” that have nothing to do with Panda3D. The reason why so many remakes of Disney MMOs are struggling with security issues might be simply that most of the people involved with most of them have very little experience with software engineering or software security.

Disney’s reasons for no longer using Panda3D for MMOs are simply that the department that made Panda3D games shut down entirely due to budget cuts. It has nothing to do with “exploits”.

If there truly is a security vulnerability in Panda3D as you say, you should report this via the appropriate channels. Then we can, you know, fix it? No such security vulnerability has been reported to date, however. Simply spreading FUD will not help to improve the engine.


excuse me what?
Every game has exploits.
You will see that many remakes of Toontown online have VERY different levels of security.

Rewritten hasn’t had an exploit problem in a while

corporate clash hasn’t at all

altis (while yes what clash used be, was a much different team, especially security was all done by a completely different person) had hacker problems quite frequently especially towards the beginning.

Its a per game basis, not the engines fault. PUBG has a hacker problem, that’s not unreal engines fault.
Fortnite, on the SAME engine, is a completely different story.


For the first time I see the comedian of the expert on Panda3d. Could you tell me why there are cheats in the “Rust” game? is it on the Panda3D engine or? :smile::smile::smile:

Um, is the online portion of any MMO even Panda code or a 3rd party library? I don’t think Panda provides classes for online communications needed in MMOs?

Panda3D provides very low-level socket networking constructs, but the high-level networking system used by these games is actually the Astron library, which is indeed not (currently) part of Panda3D.

I see. Well, another reason why what OP says doesn’t make sense.

To the OP: you are obviously a newbie programmer since you seem to understand very little what a library does and what your own code using it does. I’m not saying this to ridicule you or belittle you. Take the below paragraph as a learning tool, you don’t even have to respond.

Rdb already explained why the Disney MMOs were discontinued. Even if what he explained happened never happened, the MMOs and Panda would still be abandoned by Disney. Here is why:

  1. The two MMOs were getting very outdated since they were initially made in the early 2000s. So even if the graphics were improved with shaders a major redesign by swapping models and textures would be required to make them look good by today’s standards and even though there was a significant following for Toontown, it wouldn’t be enough to justify the redesign. This is true with any MMO, they have a shelf life. Even WoW isn’t as popular as it used to be.
    The remakes are fan remakes programmed by hobbyists who have gotten permission from the owners of the original games to reuse the assets. Any poor code they write has nothing to do with the library they use.

  2. Back when these MMOs were written I believe Unity didn’t even exist and Unreal Engine had a very restrictive and expensive license. Only until recently (few years) have Unity and UE become the de-facto standard game engines. Before people used all kinds of engines because the high end ones all had either or expensive and restrictive licenses and weren’t very open to 3rd party code contributions. Open source wasn’t viewed in a positive manner as it is today, comparably.
    This has changed.
    What does this mean? Two things. One, it makes less sense for companies to create and maintain their own game engines rather than licensing Unity or UE because the licenses and prices are usually a better option than the price one needs to pay to write and maintain their own. And second, it makes less sense for universities such as CMU to teach Panda3D rather than Unity because with the latter their students have specific skills that are in high demand in many industries, even though the learning curve is more difficult due to C# being a lower level language and harder to learn than Python.
    These are the main reasons Disney and CMU both abandoned Panda. And this is also the reason why many companies and indie devs abandoned other engines such as Irrlicht and Ogre. Even their original creators have stepped down as main contributors long ago.

Even I personally have learned and use Unity. Not because Panda is bad, although it is unquestionably lacking in some places, but because Unity has become a standard. You don’t drive a car with an ethanol (alcohol) engine when nobody else does even if the car is as efficient as others.

That said, Panda has its place. C# is a shit language for scripting nor is Unity great for small footprint programs. I use Python for scripting and writing inhouse programs and when I need some 3d rendering I just use the Panda library instead of bothering with Unity and C#.

I’m sorry if you felt this wasn’t the case. Good luck with Unity. But don’t expect Unity to make your code hacker-free.

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