The lookAt adjusting!!

I’m trying to make a model (ralph model) look at another model using the look at function…but the model (ralph) is not adjust correctly
and here is the picture:

And I tried to adjust it manually by using lookAt(model,float,float,float) and write suitable values but not work properly
Is someone has other solution??

Ralph is by default rotated 180 degrees about the z axis so he is “backwards” to everything. Panda’s notion of the “front” of a node is the opposite direction of how Ralph is facing. Try reparenting the node representing ralph to another node, rotating the ralph node 180 degrees, and then calling lookat from ralph’s parent node instead of directly from ralph himself.

Thank you body for replying but that didn’t work also
but I tried an idea and find successful, just make ralph.setScale(-1,-1,1) and then make it (lookAt) the model…I liked to put the solution here for futur searchers…Thanks a lot for trying to help

hey thats kinda funny, you pulled ralph inside out…interesting, i nvr thought of using that to reverse my models

btw did you have to use the twoSided(True) to make the model appear?

No I didn’t before and the model always appears properly