The hardest thing.

What do you think is the hardest thing, or the biggest time eater while programming in panda3d?

  • Modelling(animation counting)
  • Texturing
  • Programming
  • Debugging
  • Creating sound effects/dabbing
  • Picking up a name(for scientists :wink: )
  • Final distribution, medialization & etc.
  • Creating patches and bug fixes
  • Running the servers for multiplayer and this kind of things
  • Hiring a team

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What do you think is the hardest thing, or the biggest time eater while programming in panda3d?

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P.S.: If you don’t know then generalize it please :slight_smile:

Options that didn’t fit in the poll:
Paying the team :smiley:
Signing a contract with distributor
Arguing with the distributor
Finding a new distributor :smiley:
Music and enviroment effects(music without melody/harmony :wink: )
Thinking of a new idea for a new game, or just tuning-up the gameplay

ahem… the question itself already limits the choice of answer a lot.
getting collision detection to work was about the most painful thing so far.

heh I must agree with Thomas - you forgot to put the major for relevancy and time consuming topic in your poll: collisions and physics and maybe planning a good game (starting off a rough idea of course), so many time overlooked.

i’d say leveldesign and making it look nicely (lights, effects design).

That poll totally does not make sense. And yes, that’s actually my area of expertise.
Most users here cant answer that poll because they never spent time on debugging (not too relevant with Python anyway) or maintenance or support, because they never released a finished product.
Once a project is finished and released into the wild bug fixing, support and patching will take forever, months, maybe years. Doesnt make sense to compare these factors to the core development effort.
What’s the “hardest”? An intellectual effort? Something to find people for? Something to count the hours you spend on it?
Comparing apples and oranges. An hour spent on modelling might be a waste because the art piece you made doesnt do the job. Spend an hour on programming you might fail but maybe you learned something important. Maybe the process of doing something is more important to you than the result? Many users here are hobby-ists, so …
Something we call “mix of dimensions”. Options presented in a poll have to be exclusive, meaning by checking one option you exclude all others. But patching is also programming. Maintenance is also art.
Your question is not clear. You ask for both hardest and biggest time eater. Well, those are not necessarily equivalent. Something can be easy but still time consuming and vice versa.

3rd answer:


That somehow doesn’t make sense.

Also all other points are actually all kind of buzz-words that can’t be compared like that. Bradamante is absolutely right.

Example of the incompatibility:
Patches/bugfixes are the result of debugging, which in turn is considered programming.
Running a server. How does the executing of a command remotely consume time? You probably mean the maintaining or moderating, but that’s far beyond the scope of the question.