The Guardians - Senior Project

Wanted to show everyone some of the work we did our last semester as our senior project at Pepperdine University. Although buggy and unfinished, i think it is quite an achievement for 3 programmers, no artists, and a sound guy all in a span of about 4 months.

Credits before Infos:
Roger Hughston2 - Programming and the artist (lol programmer art), Audio
AJ West - Programming
James Anglin - Programming
Kevin Lambert - Audio (awesome voice over work; intro movie video)

Enjoy: and feel free to give some feedback; perhaps ill get the will to finish and unbug the game haha :slight_smile:.

[i]The year is 2305. We are not alone, but we’ve known that for some time. Ever since their arrival nearly a century ago, our benefactors, as some have come to call them, have taken us under their ever-watchful care. It seemed at first that they were our saviors. The earth’s once great nations had been pushed to the brink of destruction by seemingly endless war, and what the wars hadn’t destroyed, disease and famine had begun to. Our benefactors changed all that, for a time. Their arrival put into sharp focus the futility of our petty wars, prompting unprecedented cooperation among the world’s governments. In exchange for colonial rights to the Antarctic and subsequent “Favored Nation” status, our benefactors provided us medicine, technology, and new agricultural techniques. Now, we live in a near Utopian world, following blindly those who call us friends.;

The Guardians is a spacecraft-based shooter following the story of John Fletcher, a fighter pilot serving in the U.S. Air Force Space Command. On a routine mission he is shot down and captured. During his capture he witnesses atrocities beyond comprehension. However, more disturbing than the atrocities themselves are those who are preforming them, and on whom they are being preformed. Through a minor miracle John escapes with information that will change the course of human history forever - if he lives long enough to spread the word.

Cant seem to get IMGs to work - but images are available on my website.

Trailer: (High quality preferred)

Latest (although old) Installer available here - … Ver434.exe

First time you run the game, turn the resulution up in the options menu and restart it. It will look a lot better lol.

If there is a bug/crash etc and you want to just advance around in the levels feel free to edit the python code. To Change which level your save slot has open the game folder and find the folder saveInfo and open a slot file in any text editor and change S’X’ - for X to be any level between 1-5.

Levels that have the most polish are 1,2(cool cutscene following level 2 even though level is really rough), and level 4 (asteroids with bump maps).

Trailer looks really cool!

I liked it all, except for the spaceships. It all looked great, cool and high tech until those… Maybe if you could normal map them and have some directional lights that appear to be coming from the sun(s)???

Very cool! I’m a big fan of space-sim games… The assisted inertial flight mode brings back fond memories of Independence War.

Also, maybe I am mistaken, but did some Kilrathi jump me in level 2? Those sure looked like Dralthi fighters. :wink:

No idea if you plan on completing this project, so I’m not sure if you want to hear any suggestions. If so, then I agree with Firewater. Ingame models could use a little lighting. It seems that you are using some directional lighting, but it should be a bit more pronounced so I would back off on the ambient lighting. A sun with glare would be appropriate, too. (There’s example code for a Lensflare effect somewhere on the forum.)

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended, but I heard absolutely no ingame sounds other than music, ingame dialog, and a cockpit background loop. Firing my weapons, getting hit by weapons fire, and damaging enemies produced no sounds at all. If you’re going for a more realistic combat game with no sound-in-space, I can appreciate that, but realize that it also makes it incredibly hard to tell when you’ve scored a hit or have been hit.

Over all though, very nice for a senior project. Thanks for sharing!

as for 3 ppl and onloy 4 months the trailer looks unbelievable. unfortunately i’m on linux and can’t play it. how about a linux version (or even better, sources)?

Ya we had no artist; so programmer art became the norm :slight_smile:. We were doing a big art overhaul (/borrow other ppls art :slight_smile: ) when we decided forget it and focus on the codes; so yes you saw a Kilrathi.

If you want the SRC send me an PM and ill give you an FTP link to a tarball or something.

rwhughst if you’re willing to lend off your sources via PM, why don’t you just share’em here in this thread for everybody? I guess many ppl would be interested and also it is a common practice of this community to easily share things.

Whole svn branch is about 400 meg(maya files, vegas videos etc), and id rather not put out my personal ftp server to the world. If anyone knows a free place i can host it? id be glad to put it out there.

here a volunteer: I got a website without room limitations so if you allow me to dl to my pc the whole stuff I’ll be glad to host it

if you license it under a free software license (BSD, MIT, GNU GPL, etc.), you might want to take a look at sourceforge or similar. there you get pretty much everything a software project needs for free: repositories, webspace, web-svn and much more.

on the other hand you could take advantage of, our own hosting website for smaller projects - unfortunately it’s limited to webspace AFAIK

any word on this? any replica somewhere with the sources?