The chicken hath forsaken me.

I’ve been trying for a week to get models from blender to Panda, at first I thought it might be something to do with the file extensions but now I’m wondering if it might be something wrong with my modeling procedure. There are no errors whatsoever in the Chicken program, however pview shows up blank. On top of that it’s been really hit and miss since I’ve managed to export a cube but if I try anything more complicated it doesn’t work. Does anyone know of any clearcut tutorials outlining the exact procedure of modeling/texturing/animating/exporting to chicken or have any other ideas?

Thank you in advance.

Look here -> [url]Blender2Panda - Videotutorials]. ThomasEgi made some examples for us.

Those video tutorials are actually what I’ve followed and for some reason I still get an empty grey screen for anything I pview.

first of all. following those tutorials step-by-step is garantueed to output the desired result.

in case it doesnt, make sure your blender and chicken installation work correctly. also read the chicken manual.

if you still cant figure out what’s wrong. upload your blend file somewhere so we can have a look at it and instruct you.

Just now I followed the normal map to Panda3d tutorial, step by step as you have just suggested and no model at all shows up in the preview. I did everything exactly the same as the video. Could you recommend a means to test whether blender and chicken are working properly? I’m using blender 2.49b and the latest version of chicken. I also have the latest version of Panda3D. If you would be prepared to look at my .blend file that would be very nice of you however it seems like a lot of work. Would you like me to upload it?

Edit: Could it be that I’m using a directory that isn’t the default for models or that I haven’t done very much configuring of panda?

did you check the console for any errors? if no model shows up this sounds more like an installation error.
and as i already said. if you want us to look at the file, upload it :slight_smile:

I can’t remember any errors, I’ll have to try it again though I don’t really see the point in uploading since I can’t even get a plain box, no texture to render. Installation error in what program?

Edit: How embarrassing; I had forgotten to add the models subdirectory to the path.

Could anyone help me with getting the correct set up for Chicken? I’m using Windows XP and I get the following error in the console window:
Compiled with Python version 2.6.2.
Checking for installed Python… got it!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
File “C:\Documents and Settings<myprofile>\Application Data\Blender Foundation
Blender.blender\scripts\”, line 2233, in
import webbrowser
File “C:\PYTHON27\LIB\”, line 9, in
import subprocess
File “C:\PYTHON27\LIB\”, line 444, in
ImportError: cannot import name CREATE_NEW_PROCESS_GROUP

I have the latest version of Blender, Python 2.7 and I believe the latest version of Panda. I suspect that I don’t have the PATHs set up right, but I am unsure how to continue.

Many thanks!

That’s your problem. The latest blender build (2.5x) is currently not supported. You need to download 2.49b to install the chicken exporter.

You can have both installed at the same time (I would really suggest doing this) and do your modeling in 2.5x then save and open it up in 2.49b for your rigging and animation. You should be able to export just fine. I notice I have a lot less problems if I delete my camera and lamps in the scene prior to making my export selection but ymmv.

I should have stated that I have the latest stable release, which turns out to be 2.49b. Any other ideas?

Ah! I have not come across this problem. I installed the exporter without issue on Win7 pro into Blender 2.49b. From the look of the error, it’s almost acting like not all of the files are in the correct location.

It’s been a while now, but I remember when I installed Chicken on my Mac I had to maintain the directory structure of the chicken exporter, and that was critical to the install process; but I don’t recall any such problems on my Windows computer.

When I’m not at work I’ll take a quick look at my set up and see if anything stands out. Good luck until then!

Edit to add: I think I had to install python 2.6 something in order to make it work correctly. It seems like with 2.7 I had some problems.