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Are there any plans to post new stuff in the blog?
For example Panda Bullet would be an interesting topic. Or mention about the two released Panda books. Or maybe talk about the future plans for Panda (2.0 ?).

I know that you could just spend the time needed to write an article to actually developing the engine, but I think Panda doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Yes, it has some missing features, is too Python oriented, but come on, Python is one of the most popular scripting languages.

I think this would sparkle more interest, would get more people to use the engine and in the end some of them would contribute back to the engine.

BTW, I think Ive already mentioned this, but the link to the Packt books could be posted in the Documentation section of the site.

I did link to the Packt books from the manual. … _Resources

I haven’t linked to the betascript book because it seems to be nothing more than a print-out of the wikipedia page.

Ive never heard of the “betascript’s” book.
Anyway, i was thinking of of a subsection for books (and articles in the future), just like “Cheat sheets” and “Videos”.
I don’t think that manual page is visited very often.

I don’t see how the books have more importance than other resources out there. I think this is a fine place. Furthermore, I don’t want to seem like we’re officially endorsing the books as official resources, especially because the books only targets Windows users. For a cross-platform engine, that would give off the wrong impression.

you decide