The best linux distro for panda3d?

So far I think Windows isn’t the platform for developing games. And I’ve seen lots of you guys using linux distros like ubuntu for that.

So I am planning to replace Linux Mint with a small OS suitable for programming in Panda3d.

No ubuntu
GRUB if possible
GNOME if possible
Easy panda3d install
Possiblity to integrate the netbook-optimized file system. If it’s even possible,

You must not follow the reuirments. That’s just how I imagine perfect linux distro =}

It comes down to user preference. SDK downloads on the this site is for ubuntu and fedora. I’ve seen in the chat that panda is up to date in gentoo and arch repos as well.

Stop OS bashing! It’s all up to subjective opinion.

Every OS can be ‘small’, also Linux Mint. It’s a matter of customization.

Please don’t say that one OS or some distro is better than another! It’s all only about subjective opinion. If you feel better using anther distro, then simply try it out and choose for yourself. We can’t help you here.

By the way, what’s so bad about Ubuntu or Mint?

to answer your question.
something debian or fedora or suse based would work. there should be dozens of them. ubuntu/mint included.
there is no technical advantage from one over the other so take whatever you feel most comfortable with.

This is not really Linux-related, but I like FreeBSD for development. I’ve also heard great stories about openSolaris’ toolchain.

Thank you everyone! Are there any small linux distros you’d reccomend me?

I can’t really choose one =/

Depends on what you exactly want. I’d personally choose Ubuntu or a derivative of it, because it “just works”.

Well something aimed on user-friendliness. But I can’t find a distro tagged like this.

ubuntu would be the userfriendly one as stuff just works.
btw. i doubt there is any distro which aims to be user-un-friendly so you propably will have little success on searching explicitly for user friendly ones. they are all userfriendly. but they are for different kinds of users. if you’r new to linux. try ubuntu (or some ubuntu-derivat) or maybe fedora,

I add my vote to ubuntu/mint

Also the notion you need a “small” operating system to develop in seems silly to me. It isn’t going to make you code any faster or your program be more efficient.

Let’s just call it as clean as possible. I don’t want an OS where it’s more complex to orient then in a maze.

And I already have Linux Mint, but I don’t like it anymore =/

okay, time for google!


3x hooray for google, SliTaz is my love from first look. will mayb’ add enlightment as my desktop :smiley: pretty unique, huh

My panda program did run faster on ubuntu on my ancient pc

To be quite honest, hes not really “os bashing”, hes just stating his opinion, which should be respected. Yeah its a matter of opinion, but he never put down any OS. So I don’t see why you’re making such a matter out of this…

anyway I personally like debian based systems.

so do I!

Stating that one thing or another is better or worse without any arguments is bashing in my eyes, and leads to pointless discussion about which OS or distro is better.

It is his opinion.
If he said “Windows isn’t the platform for developing games” then I would understand.
Everyone has their opinion…

Come on chill out people!

I made another switch! And this time, the wow effect = True.

OH MY… eh… GOODNESS. Look at this:

I was like

Any distro can be made to look flashy, what you need to do is try working in it and see if it fits your feeds (function first, then form)

Every desktop linux distro works pretty much the same. Their internals, general target group and pre-installed apps may differ. But the most basic functionality remains the same.

Which is kinda awsome. When you switch from debian to ubuntu, or from red hat to fedora it’s like learning slovakian when you already know czech.

Except if we count that everyone uses english, but noone gives a **** :laughing: (sorry for the… eh… ****, I wanted to make it sound tough)